Tuesday, February 16, 2010

daily obsession # 3: $2 etsy shopping


checking etsy is a hobby of mine. but our budget doesn't always allow for treasure hunting. so i have found that i can narrow my budget to two dollars (plus shipping) and still browse hundreds of pages of listings. this results in a more guilt-free shopping experience. : )

(though you have to be careful... $2 + $2 + $2 and so on and so forth can rack up quickly!)

there are tons of sets of things that are great for projects- hundreds of adorable vintage sewing patterns, beads, buttons, greeting cards, ribbon, fabric, books, anthropology prints, sheet music, and more.

it's also something i look forward to doing with matilda- low cost, and lots to choose from- she will have to wait and anticipate for her special little package to arrive in the mail! she can pick an item we can turn into a craft to do together, too.

here are some of the fun vintage things i found in my most recent browse:


pricetag: $1.50
LOVE these brooches. remind me of fantastic mr. fox...

which i have been really into since design sponge did a "living in" on the movie...
i think they would be adorable pinned to a big scarf on matilda.

pricetag: $1.99
justin really likes this vintage set of 20 french vocabulary flash cards. french is the the first foreign language we'd like to familiarize matilda with. i thought they would be a great collage somewhere for practice...

pricetag: $2.00 per card

pricetag: $2.00 set of 6

pricetag: $2.00
these would make a cute tile for a tiling project.

pricetag: $2.00 for pair

pricetag: $1.00

pricetag: $.90 for set of 15

pricetag: $2.00 for four maps

pricetag: $1.75 for a family of 6 deer

pricetag: $2.00
strange little dishcloth... perfect to spice up your kitchen sink... looks like a bouquet of red poppies!

pricetag: $.90 for pair
shabby little glass candleholders, buyer only wants shipping paid... what a great deal!

pricetag: $1.75 per ring

pricetag: $2.00 set of 10 french flashcards

pricetag: $2.00 for 2 sheets
giftwrap for a gift, or to wallpaper a small project or area.

pricetag: $2.00 for ten cards


go see what you can find!